Connect Swingvy to Xero


Swingvy is directly integrated into Xero. This means you can sync each of your payroll items to your chart of accounts set in Xero, and manage your financials easily.


You should be able to see the integrations menu under HR Hub > Settings
Step 1 - Locate your “integrations” tab under HR Hub > Settings. Click “configure integration” to begin
Step 2 - At the top right-hand corner, locate and click “Connect to Xero”

Step 3 - Xero permission page will be prompted. Follow the instructions to login to Xero and grant permission to connect with Swingvy. If you happen to have more than 1 Xero organisation, select the correct organisation that you would like to connect to Swingvy
Your Swingvy account is now connected to Xero!
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