Swingvy browser support

The Swingvy platform works best in Google Chrome, but also supports the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please check our supported browser.
1. English
1. Chrome
2. Safari 10
3. Firefox (latest version) 
4. Microsoft Edge
5. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
On other browsers, some features might not work:
- Password resetting from email link is not working (Outlook embedded browser)
- News tab is not available (Internet Explorer version below 9)
System Requirements
1. PC
- OS X 10.10 or later (which is the minimum requirement for the latest version of Safari browser)
- Windows 7 or later (which is the minimum requirement for Internet Explorer 11)
2. Mobile
- Apple iOS 9.1 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
- Android OS 4.1 or later
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