Fill out company information

Company details

From the settings, select company details, click on Edit at the company information
In this page, you can set up the following information:
  • Company name (To be used in payslip and statutory reports)
  • Company Address (To be used in payslip and statutory reports)
  • Company Phone Number
  • Representative (The representative name will appear as the representative in the EA form)
  • Company Registration Number (To be used in payslip and statutory reports)
  • SST - Service Tax (Not Compulsory) 

    What is Service Tax?

    • Service tax that is a tax charged and levied on taxable services provided by any taxable person in Malaysia in the course and furtherance of business.
    • A taxable person is any person who belongs in Malaysia and is prescribed to be a taxable person.
    • Taxable service is any service which prescribed to be a taxable service.

Statutory Information

Company statutory information (the numbers can be obtained from each statutory body upon the employer registration, this information is needed for monthly statutory file/report generation): 
Swingvy tip:
What is E Number?
E number is the employer number and it will be captured in the monthly PCB submission file(CP39) and EA form. The E number can be found from Form E LHDN
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