Setting up payday and salary pro-ration


Select payroll settings, click on Edit at payday information. In this page, you can set up the following information:

(a) Payday Information

Swingvy tip:
The payday information is to define the monthly payday, the system will place this day in the payroll calendar to serve as a reminder

Setting up mid-month payroll in Swingvy Payroll


Activate the mid-month pay
Enable this function to should you wish to pay your employee twice a month
Choose mid-month pay date
The mid-month pay date is the date you would like to pay your employees, leave the default option as 15th of the month or choose other if it varies. 
Mid-month rate type
There are 2 options to choose from, by a fixed amount or by percentage.
Mid-month rate
  1. If the percentage was selected, the employee mid-month advance will be the basic salary multiplied by the percentage
  2. If the amount was selected, the employee mid-month advance will be fixed at the amount defined in the settings 
Compute statutory
With this option checked, statutory for mid-month advance will be calculated during the mid-month payout. The mid-month statutory is only for reference purposes, the final statutory amount will be computed during the month-end payroll.
You may assign the employee with mid-month advance from the selection here or you may also include them in the employee profile.
Go to employee profile, bank and statutory and change the value in Pay Mid-Month to YES

(b) Pro-rated Salary Calculation

This part of setting will enable the salary proration for employees who join or resign during the payroll period. The computation of the pro-rated salary can be defined as below:
Types of Pro-rata basis Meaning

All days

The total number of days in a month, e.g. May=31, June=30 ...

Working days

Actual working days in a month, excluding weekend and holidays (definable in company calendar)

Fixed days

A fixed day will be used throughout the payroll computation)

(c) HRDF contribution

Under PSMB Acts, certain categories of employers are liable to pay a Human Resource Development levy for each working employee at the rate of 1.0% of the monthly wages of the employee.

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