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If you are migrating to Swingvy platform from other systems (manual or other payroll systems), you will require to import the previous months' payroll history before starting your next payroll. 
Pro tips:
1. The payroll history will be used in your monthly tax computation also the year-end payroll reports, e.g. EA form and Form E. 
2. PCB calculation on average is subject to an employee that earning above RM34,000 per year (after EPF deductions) or RM2,833. 33 per month (after EPF deductions).
3. Failure to update your Payroll History data might affect your PCB Calculation. 
4. Swingvy is providing the payroll history import template, the template is available to download from the payroll setting menu. Once you've filled up the payroll history in the Excel template, you may upload it into Swingvy history database. 
Follow these steps to start migrating your previous Payroll History Data into Swingvy:
  • Go to "Settings" and click "Company Details"
  • Scroll down until you see Payroll History Bulk Upload
  • Download the spreadsheet by clicking "Download"


In the spreadsheet, you can enter all information through the payroll history tab. All the employee records will be exported with the name and email address. 
Refer the below instruction before filling out. The actual form is on the following tabs:
4. On the next tab, you will see two pages of different data that you would need to provide. 
  • Payroll History

Learn more on payroll history:
Use this tab if you are migrating from your legacy system, fill up the accumulated payroll amount from the past months and upload it. Swingvy payroll will pick up the data in the next pay run. (The data upload from the payroll history tab will be combined together with the subsequent payroll data and publish in the year-end EA form).
  • Previous employment record

Learn more on the previous employment record:
Use this tab for the new join employee with previous employment history. A TP3 form will be supplied by the new join employee, enter the TP3 amount in the template and upload it for accurate tax computation in the next pay run. (The TP3 amount upload into Swingvy is solely for tax computation, it will not be published in the year-end reports).
Enter the TP3 amount below in Swingvy history upload template in the respective column:
5.  Click Save and upload back into Swingvy. 
6.  Click Validate & Import when the uploading is done. 
Pro tips:
In the situation, you uploaded your file but there is an error message prompt out, most likely is it because of incomplete data was provided. Kindly check the column we have highlighted in the error message.
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