How to generate EA & E Form with Swingvy?

To generate the EA form (annual income statement for employee) and the E Form in Swingvy is very easy and done with only a few clicks. 

Generate EA form

In this section, admin can decide either to send or download your employee EA form. You can follow below steps to download the EA form:
Step 1 - Click at the year-end tax and choose EA form
Step 2 - Select year of the EA form to be sent to the employee
Step 3 - You can send to all employees or selected employees
Step 4(optional) - You can download the EA form for future references. 
The EA form will always be in Swingvy for each year.
If you choose to send it to your employee, your employee will receive it via the email that has been used to sign in Swingvy. Click at Check EA form to start to view the EA form. 

Generate E Form

E Form can be generated from Swingvy. We provide two types of E Form based on your method of payment. Choose E-Filling if you pay via online or Filling for manual submission if you made manual payment at LHDN counter. 
The group of employee which applicable to Form E
  • Company director received salary or fees
  • Contract staff received monthly remuneration
  • Company’s permanent employee
  • Foreign worker under company permit
  • Part time with EPF contribution

The Group which not applicable to Form E

  • Sub-contractor
  • Sole proprietor received salary
  • Individual service provider/ self-employed individual
  • External consultant
  • Part time without EPF contribution
  • Partner (in partnership) received salary

E-filling (with Form E)

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