Set up a payday and salary proration

1. Select payroll settings, click on Edit at payday information
2. In this page, you can set up the following information:

Payday information

The payday information is to define the monthly payday, the system will place this day in the payroll calendar serve as a reminder 



Prorated salary calculation

This part of setting will enable the salary proration for employees who join or resign during the payroll period. It is also able to be used should employee has an unpaid leave. The prorate calculation of new hired, resigned and unpaid leave is based on the type of days. The computation of the prorated salary can be defined as below:
  • All days 
a total number of days in a month, e.g. May=31, June=30 ...
  • Working days 
actual working days in a month including half-day which counted as 0.5 days. It is excluding weekend and holidays (definable in company calendar)
  • Fixed days 
a fixed day will be used throughout the payroll computation


Activate payroll approver

Payroll approvers are responsible for the accuracy of all timesheets (even if you are not the direct supervisor). If your payroll requires approval from your management, you now don't have to download and send the hard copy of the Payroll Report to your management anymore. Select your approval and we will send a direct approval request from our platform. 



Learn more about payroll approval here
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