Payroll items - additions

Payroll addition items mean is additional income from the employees' gross pay salary. 
Swingvy provides with two options in creating the list of your payroll items - additions. 

1. Default addition

Swingvy adds the most common (frequently used) addition payroll items for you. 
Swingvy tip:
This standard Addition item is created by default and you are not allowed to edit below category.
Create your own customised additions items if necessary. To make further changes to a payroll item, scroll down to No 2 - Customised additions items to learn how. 
However, this default addition items can be edited in two circumstances: 
  • Updating the default amount of additional items
  • Select assignee 


2. Customised addition items

Select this option only when you need to set up your customised additions items.
Step 1 - Enter the new addition name
Step 2 - If the addition is unit base, select the checkbox and enter the per-unit amount
Step 3 - Select the statutory which will be subjected to this addition
Step 4 - Choose assignee
Step 5 - Finish this setup by clicking Save
Learn more about addition items:
Additions for Singapore payroll has 2 types which are Ordinary Wages (OW) and Additional Wages (AW). The difference between these 2 wages will be on the IR8A. 
Fr any payment to be classified as OW, it should satisfy two conditions:
  • It must be remuneration due to granted wholly or exclusively in respect of an employee's employment during that month
  • It must be paid before the due date or payment pf CPF contribution of that month

All other remuneration which does not constitute OW is deemed to be AW. 

Name - Enter a unique name for the new payroll item
Default amount - the fixed amount will be generated every month for the selected employees
Statutory - tick on the statutory attribute for this new item
iR8A Field 

Assignee - Apply to all or selected employees
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