Payroll items - additions

We provide with two options for creating the list of your payroll items - additions:

1. Most common additions items

Swingvy adds the most common payroll items for you. Use the standard items by following these steps:
a)   Select items from most common additions item
b)   Click the yellow button to start edit
c)   Start editing 

2. Custom setup

Select this option if you need to set up your customised additions items: 
a)  Enter the new addition name
b)  If the addition is unit base, select the checkbox and enter the per-unit amount
c)  Select the statutory which will be subjected to this addition

I want to learn more about addition items

Additions for Singapore payroll 2 types which are Ordinary Wages and Additional Wages. The difference between these 2 wages will be on the IR8A.
Name - Enter a unique name for the new payroll item
Default amount - the fixed amount will be generated every month for the selected employees
Statutory - tick on the statutory attribute for this new item
iR8A Field
Assignee - Apply to all or selected employees
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