How to run ad hoc payroll in Swingvy Payroll?

The ad hoc payroll the payroll that is not falling in the regular payroll schedule. There are some cases when the company wish to payout the bonus or the commission separately from the monthly payroll, then the ad hoc payroll is just right for this purpose.

Process ad hoc payroll

  1. Select the payroll period to follow by the ad hoc payroll type
  2. The list is empty at first, select the employee to process in the ad hoc payroll
  3. Select the ad hoc payroll item to process. Example: Gross bonus
  4. Click on create ad hoc pay button to generate the list, the selected employee will be generated with the desired ad hoc field
  5. Enter the ad hoc amount 
  6. Proceed the ad hoc payroll to Step 3 for reports, bank payment and payslip

Process month-end payroll with mid-month advance

  1. Once the ad hoc payroll has completed, it will be consolidated in month-end payroll automatically
  2. The ad hoc payroll will be deducted in the month-end payroll, the amount deducted is the amount paid during the ad hoc
  3. The final amount of statutory will be computed in the month-end payroll, base on the final income given to the employee during the month-end payroll
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