Add or invite employee

Adding an employee into your account is easy, but before you add, you should be aware that you’ll be charged for all invited employees whether that employee is active or not.

Invite employees by bulk

You can add all your employees at once by filling out our bulk upload template. Once you import, we'll send the invitation email to get them on board. 
Step 1 - Go to People and click Manage employees
Step 2 - Click Bulk upload
Step 3 - Download spreadsheet and fill the tabs according to sheet 1 (rules)
Step 4 - Upload spreadsheet into your account
Step 5 - Choose invite date (This is the date when do you want Swingvy to send the invitation email to your employee)

Invite one employee

Step 1 - Go to People and click Manage employee
Step 2 - Click Add employee
Step 3 - Key in the employee details and click Add
During adding the new employee you will need to enter the invite date and join date of the employee. Below are the explanation on the term:
  • Join date = The date that the employee is hired by the company or the first day the employee employed by the company
  • Invite date = The invitation date for the employee for them to start using Swingvy. The invitation date can be a future date prior to the account setting. 


Swingvy tip: 
1. Your employee will need to activate their account by accepting the invitation email.
2. Resend invitation function is activated once the first invitation is sent.
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