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You and your employee deserve better. You don’t have to be a big company to offer great employee benefits. Choose a plan as easily as you’d shop for airline tickets online.
Refer here to know what benefits available in Swingvy.  
Get benefits for your employee with these 3 simple steps: 

Before you start

1. We will use your HRIS information to provide your instant quote. Be sure to complete the on-boarding process (setting up your account). If you are unsure where to begin, follow this guideline
2. Make sure you're in the right country. Medical benefits differ by countries and each of your employees' location(country) is automatically detected according to the country that you've set in Settings > General > Office.
3. Licensed insurance experts will guide and advocate for you with the best advice. Talk with our expert for free is you need any consultation.  


Step 1 - Get your instant quote at real-time

Purchase your best medical plan that suits your needs by start getting your quote. Follow these guidelines to get your instant quote at real-time and no waiting. You can always come back anytime and continue where you left off or compare different plans here.
How to get instant quote benefits plan for your employee

Step 2 - Submit your application (get enrolment)

Forget long calls and ditch the papers. We have simplified insurance eligibility checks for your instant online applications at ease. 
Read this article to know more about how to get enrolled. Get enrolment: 
Pro tips:
By clicking Submit application, you agree that you've checked Important note

Step 3 - Application Under Review

Your application is now has been submitted to Swingvy Insurance team. 
Learn more about your submitted application here: 
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