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Once you click "Start application" you will be redirected to the enrolled page. You almost there! Just one more thing before we get you the medical insurance policy you need :)

Step 1: Check your employee eligibility

Swingvy auto checks all the employee age eligibility according to the particular insurer's guidelines. You can choose to unselect those part-timers or intern by unchecking the box. 
Notes: You are not allowed to do the Anti-selection. This is defined by the insurance provider itself. Click to know what is anti-selection
Anti-selection is a well-known term in the insurance world and although there are a number of industry-standard definitions for anti-selection, broadly speaking it can be defined as:
The adverse impact on an insurer when risks are selected that have a higher chance of loss than that contemplated by the applicable insurance rate. It is important to note the principles that govern fairness in life insurance underwriting:
 Utmost good faith: 
Applicants have a duty to disclose to the company what they know about their own risk profile. Insurers have a duty to explain the nature of the product being applied to the applicant
 Equity between policyholders: 
Everyone should pay a premium proportionate to the risk that they bring to the insurance fund. Equal risks should be treated equally.
Providing date of birth information is required to check eligibility of medical insurance. Please fill out any missing birth dates of selected employees and make sure they are correct.
You can update the date of birth accordingly if your employee date of birth is incorrect or was not provided in Swingvy in the beginning. You can choose either to update one by one or do the bulk update. 
Date of birth - Bulk upload 
Date of birth - Update one by one

Step 2: Filled out your application

In ordered to begin filling up the insurance application form, you need to update below information. Please noted that most of the information has been filled up automatically by Swingvy. You'll only be advised to update below information in the event of information was inadequate 
a. Company Information
b. Employee Information
Start updating the information by following below steps: 
1. Download Application Form File
2. Open the files and read the guideline on the first page
3. Fill out the missing information and click "Save"

i. Select policy start date

This step will verify your preferred date to begin your insurance policy. For Malaysian, your policy can start 14 days from the day you have submitted your application. However, for Singaporean, you can choose to start your policy on the next day of your application itself. 
The respective application date means the day you start this step. 

ii. Fill out the insurance application form

a) Update your employee information
Employee information is the main thing needed to start applying for a group medical insurance. This information will be handover to the insurance company for them to cover your employees. 
b) Update company information
In this section, you will be asked to update your company information and authorised person's details. 
The authorised person means the duty person to sign off and decided on dealing with insurance application and all future transactions related issue. 
c) Filled up the & upload the insurance application form 
Start uploading your file by clicking "Choose File". Swingvy will verify your files and will let you know if there is incomplete information.
Before you apply: We strongly advise you to read the "Product Disclosure Sheet" to understand the product term and condition before you click "Submit"



Step 3 - Submit your application

Congratulation! You have now successfully submitted your application!  Your summary of the form will be prompt out immediately after your submission. 
Contact our Swingvy Customer Success team from Monday to Friday 9 AM-9 PM (MYT/SGT) (exclude all Malaysia & Singapore public holidays) for more information or view your dashboard to check your application status
Read more at: How do I check my application status? 
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