Enrolled new joiner employee (on-boarding) medical insurance

You can add employees to the medical plan when they are hired, usually on the 1st of the month following the date of hire, or the first of the month after completing awaiting/probationary period. 

Enrolment Options and Procedures

Option 1 - Enrol medical insurance they are hired

Step 1 - Invite new employee into Swingvy platform (click here to learn how)
Step 2 - Find new employee name in Benefits > People > New hires
Step 3 - Click "enrol now"
 Step 4 - Fill out enrolment details and click submit

Option 2 - Enrol medical insurance after completing awaiting/probationary period.   

Once your new employee has completed the probation/waiting period, you can enrol them in Swingvy benefits. 
Step 1 - Go to Benefits > People 
Step 2 - Scroll down to unenrolled employees and find incompetent employee
Step 3 - Key in enrolment details and click Submit once you are done
Swingvy tip: 
Swingvy will auto-notify your insurance provider, and you will receive an email upon approval in within five business day.
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