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Read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you take up AXA - Smart SME Plus Group Insurance Policy. Be sure to read the general terms and conditions

Product information - AXA Smart SME Plus

What AXA products do we offer in Swingvy Benefit Store?
AXA Smart SME Plus:
Basic Plan: Group Basic Medical (GBM)
- Below RM500 Range: AXA Smart SME - Plan 5
- Between RM501 to RM600 Range: AXA Smart SME - Plan 3
- Above RM1,000 Range: AXA Smart SME - Plan 2
AXA Smart SME Plus GBM Schedule of Benefits

Option Supplementary Plan: Group Outpatient Medical (GOM)
AXA Smart SME Plus GOM Schedule of Benefits
What are the covers/benefits provided?
Basic Plan: AXA Smart SME Plus Group Basic Medical (GBM) 
Cover medical expenses incurred as a result of hospitalisation or surgery due to an illness or an accident:
  • Provides 5 attractive plans with the overall limit per annum ranging from RM20,000 to RM80,000. 
  • Option to choose the most suitable coverage for your employees and extend the coverage for their dependents too. 
  • It extends to cover Second Surgical Opinion, Emergency Sickness Treatment, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Funeral Expenses. 
Supplementary Plan: AXA Smart SME Plus Group Outpatient Medical  (GOM)
  • It provides both General Practitioner (GP) and Specialist (SP) care at Out-patient level. 
  • Employees can access Panel GP or Panel SP on the cashless basis which is a convenient way of seeking medical treatments. Coupled with the hospitalisation plan, your employees can enjoy comprehensive medical coverage. 
1. Please refer to the full feature and benefits and scale of benefits in the policy contract. 
2. Duration of cover is for one (1) year. You need to renew your insurance coverage annually.
How much premium do I have to pay?
The total premium that you have to pay may vary depending on the choice of the plan required and underwriting requirements:
Annual Premium Rates (In MYR)
AXA Smart SME Plus Group Basic Medical (GBM) 
AXA Smart SME Plus Group Outpatient Medical (GOM)
1. Premium rates are not guaranteed. Factors contributing to the increase in premiums rates are plan specific, medical inflation, age band, occupation and underwriting requirement. 
2. New hires: We will charge the additional premium by the number of days starting from the effective date of coverage to the end of the policy period.
3. Leavers: We will refund the excess premium by the number of days beginning from the effective date of termination to the end of the policy period. 
What are the key terms and conditions that I should be aware of?
Period of Insurance 
Duration of coverage is for 12 months, renewable annually
Territorial Limits
The coverage for twenty-four (24) hours a day. If the insured person elects to or is referred to be treated outside Malaysia by the Attending Physician, benefits payable shall be limited to the Reasonable and Customary and Medically Necessary Charges for such equivalent local treatment in Malaysia which excludes the cost of transport to the place of treatment. 
No benefit shall be payable for any medical treatment received by the Insured if he/she resides or travels outside Malaysia for more than ninety (90) consecutive days. 
  • All full-time, permanent and actively at-work employee, directors partners and proprietors aged 16 to 66 years old are eligible for medical coverage, renewable up to age 70 (next birthday). 
  • Dependants of employees are also eligible for coverage:
    • employee’s a legally married spouse, the eligible entry age is below 66 years old. 
    • Coverage is extended to unmarried children over fifteen (15) days old and the coverage is up to twenty-four (24) years of age (next birthday). 
  • Dependant Plan shall be the same as the Employee Plan. If dependant's coverage is taken, it will apply to all eligible employees in the company within the same basis of coverage. 
Occupational Class
All benefits are available to Occupational Class 1 to 4.
  • The premium rate is based on the individual's attained age (age next birthday).
  • Mode of payment is Annual.
  • Prevailing GST applies to all plans if any.
What are the major exclusions under this policy?
For Group Basic Medical 
All pre-existing conditions are excluded for first 12 months of coverage, except for Outpatient Cancer & Kidney Treatment, for which pre-existing conditions will be permanently excluded 
Please refer to the relevant policy contract for full list and details of exclusions

General FAQ - AXA Smart SME Plus

What is the minimum number of employees to start Smart SME policy?
You need to have at least ten employees to start Smart SME policy.
What is the maximum entry age for my employees?
The maximum entry age is 66 years old before a birthday at the age.
Can my employee choose the products and the level of coverage based on their preference?
No. The company's representative will decide the products and level of coverage, either the same for all employees or differentiated by job category.
Can my employees insure their dependents (spouse and children)? If yes, what level of coverage are they covered?
Yes. Your employees' dependants (the relationship must be substantiated legally) will be covered with the same level of coverage as the employee plan. 
Can I cover my employees who are based outside Malaysia?
No. This coverage is only for employees and dependants (if any) based in Malaysia.
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