Types of leave

There are many types of leave; some are legally mandated to be available, and others are voluntarily offered by employers. By default, Swingvy set the basic leave types for your employee.

The default leave types are always set to ON. You can disable it if you don't require to offer the leave types to your employee.


Default leave types in Swingvy:
Annual leave
A paid number of days each year that an employee is allowed to be away from work.
Sick leave
Leave of absence granted because of illness.
Hospitalisation leave
Hospitalisation means actually staying in the hospital. However, this is not sick leave. Total sick leave plus hospitalisation should not be more than 60 days. Public holidays should be excluded from this type of holiday. 
Maternity leave
Pregnancy/maternity leave policy, including suggestions on length of leave, schedule of payment over the length of the leave, and reemployment rights and benefits. 
Paternity leave
A period of absence from work granted to a father after or shortly before the birth of his child. 
Pro tips:
1. Please don't forget to update the employee's gender as we designed our platform to automate this leave only to male's employee for paternity leave and only to female's employee for maternity leave.
2. By turning ON "Adjust employee's leave balance to an updated allowance immediately" the impact will be seen in two scenarios.
Scenario 1:
Employee's leave balance will be increased or decreased by leave type policy changes. In most case, if the company has a new employee assigned to a custom leave policy group, and the leave balance will be updated likewise automatically.
Scenario 2:
Admin makes changes in leave type policy and would like to maintain the entitled days of all employees.
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