Leave approval settings

The leave approver is able to approve or decline the leave applications from employees.

At Swingvy, the leave approver has been set by default to follow the Reports to (reporting manager) and Head of Department.
In the case you might need to change the Reports to or Head of Department, here are the steps for you: 

Step 1 - Go to HR hub
Step 2 - Click on People
Step 3 - Click on Manage employees
Step 4 - Look for REPORTS TO to update the reporting manager and look for ROLE to update the head of the department
The leave approver can be set up into 3 levels: 
1. Reports to (the reporting manager)
2. Head of Department
3. Designated person (select an active employee)
If your organisation requires only one leave approver, you may disable the multi-level approval by clicking on the trash can button in the approvers section.

Swingvy tip: 
All leave request will be sent to the first leave approver before they can be approved by the next leave approver/s
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