Edit leave entitlement balance


Leave balance means actual annual leave entitlement - annual leave taken + annual leave adjustment (up to current)
We will never know when we need to adjust employees' leave balance. However, updating the leave balance is not complicated work. In Swingvy, there is a section where you can update your employees' leave balance in just a minute.
There are two ways you can update the employees' leave balance: 
  • Update one by one
  • Bulk update 

Adjust or edit leave balance using one by one update

Step 1 - Go to Leave
Step 2 - Click on Balance
Step 3 - Select employee
Step 4 - Edit balance


Adjust or edit leave balance using bulk update

You can do the bulk update by downloading and filling out the excel spreadsheet.

Step 1 - Go to Leave
Step 2 - Click on Balance
Step 3 - Click on Bulk update
Step 4 - Download spreadsheet
Step 5 - Fill out the new leave balance in the spreadsheet
Step 6 - Upload spreadsheet 

Swingvy tip:
All approved leave data from your previous system will not be available in Swingvy. Kindly advise your employee to reapply for record purpose.
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