See how employees request for leave

Your employee can easily apply time-off (leave) using web login or mobile apps: 
Step 1 - Select leave type
Step 2 - Select the start and end date
Step 3 - Select leave duration - All day, AM or PM
Step 4 - Fill in the reason for the leave application
Step 5 - Add an attachment - for Sick leave only
Step 6 - Select approver - for second approver only (if required)
Step 7 - Choose to send notification (CC) - if required

Request for leave using web login


Request for leave using mobile apps (iOS & Android user)

Swingvy tip:
1. The first level approver is the reporting manager but we leave the second approver to be open (employees will need to select)
2. The 2-tier leave approval requires approval from both approver before it could be seen in the system
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