EPF contributions

The EPF contributions are made up of the employee's and employer's share. The monthly contributions will be credited into the employee's EPF account.

Contribution rate

From January 2018, the employee with age below 60, the monthly EPF contribution rate will be resumed back from 8% to 11%, and for those above 60, the rate will be 5.5%. There is no change to the employer statutory contribution rates.
If the employee or employer wish to increase the EPF contribution rate, a respective form will have to submit for notice of election.
The new rate will remain until the cancellation form has been submitted. Upon receipt of the notification, the rate of contribution will be reverted to the current statutory rate.

Incomes liable for EPF contribution

In general, all payments which are meant to be wages are subjected in your monthly contribution calculation. These include: - Salary - Allowance - Payment for utilized annual leave - Bonus - Commission - Incentive - Arrears or wages - Wages for various leaves - Other payments under services contract or otherwise

Incomes not liable for EPF contribution

Among the payments that are exempted from EPF contribution:
- Service charge
- Overtime
- Gratuity
- Retirement benefit
- Retrenchment, temporary lay-off or termination benefits
- Any travelling allowance or the value of any travel concession
- Payment in lieu of notice of termination of service
- Director's fee
The EPF contribution must be submitted to EPF before 15th of the following month, a fine will be incurred if fail to do so, e.g. the salary deduction for August must be paid as the September contribution before or on 15 September
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