How to make online PCB file submission and payment?

With Swingvy payroll, you are able to manage all statutory submission digitally. 
Once you have finalised the monthly payroll, the PCB text file can be generated from the system and upload into LHDN e-PCB directly. 

Generate PCB File from Swingvy

When you are at step 3 of the payroll process, this is the place where you are able to generate all the reports you need. Let's look at the PCB file download. 

Submission and Payment in PCB e-Data

Go to LHDN website to complete the submission process. 
1. Login to LHDN e-Data with your existing employer ID. If you do not have the login, you may apply it directly with your employer E number
2. Once you are in, click on Upload/Validate Text File
3. Browse the file downloaded from Swingvy, click on submit button to upload
4. Once you have successfully uploaded the file, click on the file name to validate the result
5. The PCB summary will be shown in this page, verify the info are correct and click on "Proceed to Instrument Information"
6. Click on Update
7. Select the payment mode. This guide will demonstrate the payment via FPX
* Other than online payment (FPX), paying over the bank or IRB counter also possible by selecting one of it
8. Click on the confirmation to proceed
9. Here comes the final confirmation, click on FPX payment and it will redirect to bank login page and make the transfer. 
10. Proceed to the payment gateway

Generate the payment confirmation receipt

1. Follow the below instructions to print the payment receipt for filing purposes
2. Click the print confirmation slip to download the receipt in PDF format. 
3. Sample output of PCB payment receipt
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