How to make online submission and payment for EPF?

Payroll add-on is available in Swingvy Premium and Standard plan. Contact Swingvy Sales team from Monday to Friday 9 AM-6 PM (MYT/SGT) (exclude all Malaysia & Singapore public holidays) if you have any inquiries.
With Swingvy payroll, you are able to manage all statutory submission digitally. 
Once you had finalised the monthly payroll, the EPF text file can be generated from the system and upload into KWSP eCaruman directly. 

Generate EPF File from Swingvy

Download the EPF file at the payment and submission page, the file EPFORMA2.TXT will be generated. 

Submission and Payment in KWSP e-Caruman

Go to KWSP website to complete the submission and payment process.
1. Login to KWSP i-Account with your employer ID. If you do not have the login, you may activate it with your employer number.
2. Once you are in, click on contribution tab
3. Select the last option, upload with EPFORMA2.txt
4. Browse the file downloaded (EPFORMA2.txt) from Swingvy, click on upload button
5. Preview/Submit. Select the contribution month as the following month of the wage month
Example: Wage month is May-2019, contribution month will be Jun-2019: 
6. Preview/Submit. Payment thru FPX
7. Preview/Submit. Confirmation and Submit
8. Bank account selection. Retail banking or corporate banking
Choose the bank to perform FPX
9. Follow the FPX login steps and complete the payment via FPX.
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