About Swingvy Claims

Swingvy is releasing an open (public) beta version to let you explore Claims features. It is free for anyone to subscribe without an invite or special permission from the Swingvy team. 
An open beta means the Claim module is ready for testing but has known bugs or limitations. However, you’ll see a lot of feature improvements when we finish this public beta period.
Please be informed that all data provided during the beta period will be confidential to Swingvy.


What can I expect from this Beta?

  • Features that are still slightly buggy but generally work and deliver value.
  • Features that aren’t yet complete (i.e. have a subset of proposed functionality).
  • Features that may or may not remain in the software based on customer feedback. This includes innovative or experimental features.
  • Features that are conceptually complete but haven’t yet reached the desired level of engineering quality (e.g. scaling, monitoring, or infrastructure robustness).

How do I subscribe to Swingvy Claims (Beta)?

All you need to do is register a Swingvy account.  The new account will automatically be given a version of Claims beta for 30 days.

What should I do as a Beta tester during this period?

Being a beta tester just means that you're someone who tests our beta software. In this period you can help us to develop a better product for everyone by giving as much feedback as you can about the claim feature. 
  • Bugs (Any errors)  
  • Suggestions for features and other ideas for improving the software

How do I give my feedback or suggestion?

Email us directly at support@swingvy.com from Monday to Friday 9 AM-6 PM (MYT/SGT) (exclude all Malaysia & Singapore public holidays)
Pro tips:
1. Claims module is available in Swingvy Premium plan
2. There might be many updates made to beta software before it's ready for the final release. This is because as more and more bugs are found and corrected, newer versions (without the previous bugs) are released and continually tested until the developers are comfortable enough to consider it a stable release
3. Swingvy will not entertain any request to be a paid beta tester as this beta is strictly for Swingvy customer only
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