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Swingvy treasures your time hence we designed this superb function which allows you to generate your quotation instantaneously while engaging in your busy work schedule. Follow these simple four steps to create your instant quote:

Step1: Click Get Started


Step 2: Tell us about you

Choosing the right medical insurance for your company is essential in relieving you of the ever. Helps us to match a suitable plan that best fits your profile by fulfilling these questions:
Pro tips:
1. Items No. 3 and 4 are applicable only to Malaysia's account 
2. You can choose to talk with our in house insurance expert for any further inquiries. The following image will show you how to book our experts times:

Step 3: Let us recommend some package to you

We save your time in comparing all available plan in the market by matching the best plans based on your response in earlier steps. Nevertheless, If you wish to obtain a different plan, you can always edit the quote by changing your response in the left box.  
Notes to Malaysia Admin
Notes for Singapore Admin
Speak to our experts if you are uncertain about any available plans in Swingvy

Step 4: Manage your add-on - Clinical Service (Malaysia)

For Malaysia admin, you can choose to add to clinical service. With this clinical service, your staff able to check-in the general practitioner (GP) and get a professional health specialist advice without any cash.
This page will automatically prompt out if you choose to add-on the Clinical Service. Click to remove should you do not prefer to add the clinical service after reading the coverage details.

Hooray! Your quote is ready.

Now your instant quote is available for you to review! Generate as many quotes with Swingvy. All your quote will be autosaved in our dashboard.
Once you choose on the insurance provider, product and amount proceed to the Application Request Form by clicking "Continue"
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