Step 1 - Set up company profile

Setting up a company profile in Swingvy is pretty straight forward. To begin follow these steps:
1. Click on Continue at the Complete your profile banner
2. Or go to Settings > Company settings
When you are ready to set up a new Swingvy account, follow the steps below:

1. Update company basic information

Let's show off your logo! Upload and edit company name and logo here.
Recommended dimension for logo: 200px * 200px
Max file size: 5MB
Accepted file format: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

2. Update company address

The company address in Swingvy must be the address that your office is located at. The reason we need your address is for the system to determine the public holidays according to your state.
You can add multiple branches of your company.

3. Set up company workdays

The workday can be set up to differ by offices based on the company's policy and practices. Setting this up will enable accurate salary calculations for the payroll feature.

4. Set up company holidays

For Malaysia/Singapore offices, the public holidays will be auto-populated according to your country and state. However, if you need to add a custom paid holiday for your company, click on Add holiday.

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