Adding (new hiring) / Removing (resigned) invited employee charge in my account


You should be aware that you’ll be charged for all invited employees whether that employee is active or not.

The based price for Swingvy is following your plan. 

Once you have upgraded to Swingvy paid plan it is likely that as you use the platform the number of invited employees changes. Maybe the number grows because you invite the new employee in your account, or that it decreases because you terminate employees who were invited to Swingvy.

At the end your monthly anniversary, Swingvy automatically check the number of invited employees your account has and make the necessary adjustments 

(a) in the form of an invoice (in case the number has grown)
(b) in a credit form (in the case that there are fewer invited employees)
The amount to be paid or received (in the form of a credit) will depend on the date of your next payment of Swingvy. 

Let’s see an example to understand it better:

Imagine you have an annual subscription to Swingvy Premium HR (without add-on payroll) that started on 01/12/2019 (with validity, therefore, until 30/11/2020) with 24 invited employees, with an initial payment of RM 2448.00 (Malaysia)

On 15/02/2020, about two and a half months later, 2 new employees are invited to the Swingyv account. In your next monthly anniversary (1/03/2020) an invoice will be issued and a corresponding charge will be made for the two new invited employees. However, only an amount proportional to the remaining subscription will be charged, from 15/02/2020 to 30/11/2020) (that is, 9.55 months)

RM 8.50 X 9.55 months X 2 invited employees = RM 162.36 (Malaysia)

In this case, the amount need to be paid to Swingvy would be RM 162.36

If, on the other hand, one or more users who were invited are terminated at some point, the amount of credit that you have in each case will be added to your Swingvy account. The calculation of the amount of credit to be received will be made with the same criteria that we have just seen in the example. 

Your contract is pre-paid for a specified number of slots, the resigned employee slot remains active and could be filled by a new hire employee at no additional cost. In addition, this unused slot has no expiry date and can be carried forward in your following year contract. 

Swingvy tip:
1. I'm Swingvy paid plan, monthly subscriber
If you are on a Swingvy paid plan (monthly subscribers) and you downsize or hired new staff in the middle of the month, you will be billed at the new rate in your next bill. All of the Swingvy customers will be billed on their respective anniversary dates. This means if you joined Swingvy on December 17th, your next billing date will be on the following month 17th.

2. I'm Swingvy paid plan, yearly subscriber
If you signed up for a 12-month contract on 17th December 2019 you would be billed on starting from the day itself, and this date would become your respective anniversary dates. It means your next billing date will be on the following year 17th December.
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