How does Swingvy charge when I have new hiring or resigned staff?

I'm Swingvy paid plan monthly subscriber

If you are on a Swingvy paid plan (monthly subscribers) and you downsize or hired new staff in the middle of the month, you will be billed at the new rate in your next bill. All of the Swingvy customers will be billed on their respective anniversary dates. This means if you joined Swingvy on December 17th, your next billing date will be on the following month 17th.  

I'm Swingvy paid plan yearly subscriber

If you signed up for a 12-month contract on 17th December 2018, you would be billed on starting from the day itself, and this date would become your respective anniversary dates. It means your next billing date will be on the following year 17th December.    

My employee resigned this month

Your contract is pre-paid for a specified number of slots, the resigned employee slot remains active and could be filled by a new hire employee at no additional cost. In addition, this unused slot has no expiry date and can be carried forward in your following year contract. 

I have new hiring this month

If you add employees, you will be billed on your next monthly anniversary date. However, the charged will prorate accordingly following your respective anniversary dates.

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