Upgrade/ switch my plan

Upgrading to Swingvy paid plan is very simple. Once inside your administrator account, you should simply go to the "Billing" section, located on the side menu. Click "Select a plan"

Switch Swingvy plan

Step 1 - Click Billing

Step 2 - Select plan

Step 3 - Select plan, available plan are as follow 

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan
  • Add ons - Payroll 
Swingvy tip: 
Payroll is an add-ons product in Swingvy. You can choose to remove by clicking "Remove" before you checkout.

Step 4 - Select subscription types

You can choose between two types of payment, annual and monthly. Both payments work in a similar way, but with some differences (15% off for annual subscriptions) 

Step 5 - Select the payment method

Swingvy accepts bank transfer and credit card as payment method. To learn more about payment method, click here


Swingvy tip: 
  1. Users mean invited employee in your Swingvy account. If you want to review your invited employee, click HR Hub> People > Directory
  2. If you would like to unsubscribe please contact Swingvy Customer Success by clicking Help in your Swingvy account
  3. Swingvy charge is based on number of invited user (active & onboarding)
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