How to submit employment income records to IRAS electronically

There are various ways for employers to submit employment income records to IRAS. However, with Swingvy, save your time by doing it online. 

Swingvy tip:
1. You do not need to import your past payroll data for IR8A
2. When the form is generated, editing is possible
3. Forms are generated once during submission
Important notice!
The IRAS Submission for 2021 is yet to be ready. We will notify once it is ready to all user.

Step 1 - Create tax filling by selecting the employee

To begin, select the employee that eligible for IR8A submission. 


Step 2 - Update your organisation info

In this section, 3 columns are needed:

  • Determine your IRAS registration types
  • Determine your organisation registration number 

If you are unsure about your organisation registration number, here is how you can get yours:

  1. Your GST Registration Number
    This is the number you have to print on your invoices, credit notes and receipts.
  2. Your Effective Date of GST Registration
    This is the date when you have to start charging and collecting GST on your taxable supplies. You must not charge or collect GST before the effective date of your GST registration.

You may also retrieve a copy of the notification letter by logging in to myTax Portal (select “Notices/Letters”)

  • Update PIC information


Step 3 - Update your employees’ IR8A 


Step 4 - Validate your IRAS


Swingvy tip:
1. The submission button is only available when the validation is error-free
2. The error message is validated from the IRAS website. Please check your error message and update accordingly


Step 5 - Submit to  IRAS


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