Plan available in Swingvy

Swingvy pricing is straight forward and it was as the same as our website. Swingvy offers 3 types of plan. 

Standard (Free Forever)

  •  Employee directory

  • Employee profiles

  • Employee on/offboarding

  • Organisation chart

  • Custom reporting

  • Company calendar

  • Performance management

  • Company announcement

  • Mobile app (iOS / Android)

  • Medical benefits administrations

  • Benefits store

  • Online enrollment

  • Licensed insurance advising

  • Insurance on/offboarding

  • Billing management

  • Claim management

  • Employee self service

Premium ( per invited employee per month)

  • Everything from Standard

  • Leave request

  • Leave approval/decline

  • Leave history

  • Leave balance adjustment

  • Custom leave policy

  • Multi-level approver setting

  • Workday setting

  • Leave report

  • Mobile app (iOS / Android)

  • Claims submission

  • Claims approval/decline

  • Custom claims types & policies

  • Claims report for admin

  • Employee self-service

  • Multi-currency support

  • Integration with Swingvy Payroll

Adds on payroll (you can choose to add on with Standard or Premium)

(per invited employee per month)

  • Integration with Swingvy HR

  • Integration with Swingvy Claims

  • Full-service payroll

  • Onboarding & proration

  • Statutory form generation

  • Bank integration

  • End of year form generation

  • Payroll report

  • Approver setting

  • Employee self-service

All plans are included with free onboarding training for 30 days and support team**

Swingvy allows two types of subscriptions. 

  1. Monthly = Normal price (RM10 per invited employee every month)

  2. Yearly = 15% off (RM8.50 per invited employee every month)

Let's see an example:-

You have invited 10 employees in your company account and select Yearly subscription. The plan you select is Premium with add on Payroll. 


Here is how the estimated amount you would need to pay:-

Premium > RM8.50 (15% off from normal price) + Add on Payroll > RM8.50 (15% off from normal price) X 10 invited employee = RM170.00

RM170 X 12 months = RM2040.00

Disclaimer: This example is only valid for Swingvy Malaysia subscribers


Contact Swingvy Sales team ( to understand more. 




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