Leave entitlement group settings

Make your leave policies precise and customised! Set the assignee and entitlement of each leave policy you created.

Add group entitlement

Refreshment leave entitlement for all employee is 3 days. However, the company decided to benefit employees with tenure for more than 2 years with an additional 2 days.
Step 1 - Go to Leave
Step 2 - Click on Leave policies
Step 3 - Select leave policy
Step 4 - Look for Entitlement group settings
Step 5 - Click on Edit
Step 6 - Add entitlement group
Step 7 - Click on Save
Here is how you can tackle the leave policy and make it personalised for every employee: 
1. Group name
2. Default entitlement
3. Add employee


Edit group entitlement

Did you just create a wrong group entitlement? Worry not, editing group entitlement is allowed for your convenience: 

Delete group entitlement

There are times that some of the group entitlement will no longer is used. You can simply delete it by hitting the trash can button: 

Swingvy tip: 
All employees in the deleted entitlement group will automatically be added in the default group entitlement.
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