Get a free medical insurance quote

Swingvy treasures your time hence we designed this superb function which allows you to generate your quotation instantaneously while engaging in your busy work schedule. You can generate as many as the free quote you wish.

Get benefits for your employee with these 3 simple steps: 

Step 1 - Get your instant quote at real-time

Purchase your best medical plan that suits your needs by start getting your quote. Answer these questions to get your instant quote at real-time and no waiting. You can always come back anytime and continue where you left off or compare different plans here.

Step 2 - Submit your application (get enrolment)

Take it at once when you determine the plan suits your requirements. We make the application process straight forward. Click "Continue" and Swingvy auto-filled all information needed based on your employee profile. All you need to do unselect the employee that you would like to enrol later and click submit an application.


Step 3 - Application Under Review

Your application is now has been submitted to Swingvy team. Swingvy will contact you in within 3 business days for the next steps.
Swingvy tip: 
  1. Make sure you're in the right country. Medical benefits differ by countries and each of your employees' location (country) is automatically detected according to the country that you've set in Settings > General > Office
  2. Licensed insurance experts will guide and advocate for you with the best advice. Talk to our expert for free is you need any advice.
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