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If your company provide a GP claims to you, this claims pays for the clinical outpatient consultation, medical fees, outpatient diagnostic x-ray and laboratory tests when the Insured Member visits a General Practitioner under the FWD panel of clinics or polyclinics.

(a) My  medical coverage cover outpatient treatments

Great! This means the medical insurance you have cover outpatient treatments that are done without staying in the hospital. Walk into any panel clinic and present Aviva mobile apps
To find a nearby panel clinic, advice your employee to click MyBenefits > Find clinics/Hospital in 

(b) My  medical coverage did not cover outpatient treatments

If your employee's medical plan did not cover for outpatient, you still can go to any clinic and claims. 
Please use Aviva ClaimConnect to submitting your medical claims. 
Swingvy tip: 
  1. Insurance companies are expected to promptly assess all of the claims that are made, and to pay out all claims that are covered by the wording in their policies
  2. If the insurance company needs more detailed information before making a decision, it will let you know what information it needs from you within 10 business days of receiving your claim
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