Set a company goals

Setting business goals within an organisation is common practice, shared globally by all businesses. Executives set business goals that help increase motivation and determination, as well as those that offer critical learning strategies for training purposes.

Goals help empower employees to control their performance and development with clear, measurable objectives. Give your team direction, which makes it easier to make decisions. This may lead to increased autonomy for your employee, which can contribute to higher employee satisfaction.

To continue to set department goals, follow the below steps:

Step 1 - Click Talent > My goals > Add goal

Step 2 - Add goal and add title 

Step 2 - (Optional) Write a description

You may optionally write a description to remind yourself and your teammates about some details of the goal.

Step 3 - Define the start date and end date

Step 4: (Optional) Select a Goal weight

Step 5 - Select a company goal to align with the goal

Step 6 - Set as "Company goal"


Swingvy tip: 
Only the goal-setter can set company goals. To learn how to set a company goal setter, click here 
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