Request for payroll approval

Should you have activated approver setting, your pay-run would require approval before payroll admin can proceed to the next step.
Payroll approval is at the review and confirms step of the pay run. You need to request for approval before proceeding to complete the pay run.

You only can proceed your monthly payroll once the approver has approved your payroll.


Swingvy tip:
Here is the meaning of your payroll request status:

Pending - Payroll awaiting approval from payroll approval
Declined - 
Payroll being rejected by payroll approval
Approve - 
Payroll has been accepted by payroll approval

Should the payroll has been approved, payroll admin can click Continue to proceed.


Swingvy tip:
Once you confirm your payroll, you cannot go back to step 2.
Contact Swingvy Customer Success team via from Monday to Friday 9 AM-6 PM (MYT) (Exclude all MY & SG Public Holiday) if you need any helps.
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