Set a department goal

According to MIT Sloan Management Review, goals should be FAST:

  • Frequently discussed

  • Ambitious in scope

  • Measured by specific metrics and milestones

  • Transparent so everyone in the organisation can see them

One important reason to set goals is that it allows the entire team to focus and work toward one common company objective.

Before you set a department goal, please ensure that you have established a company goal. Click here to learn how to set a company goal.  

To continue to set a department goals, follow below steps :-

Step 1 - Click Talent > My goals > Add goal

Step 2 - Add goal and add title 

Step 2 - (Optional) Write a description

You may optionally write a description to remind yourself and your teammates about some details of the goal.

Step 3 - Define start date and end date

Step 4: (Optional) Select a Goal weight

Step 5 - Select a company goal to align with the goal

Step 6 - Set as "Department goal"



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