Set an individual goal

First consider what you want to achieve (company or department goal), and then commit to it. Setting  a goal helps you to organise your time and your resources. 

Before you assign an individual goal, please ensure that you have establish company goal and department goal. 

Click here to learn how to set a company goal

Click here to learn how to set a department goal

To continue to set an individual goals, follow below steps :-

Step 1 - Click Talent > My goals > Add goal

Step 2 - Add goal and add title 

Step 2 - (Optional) Write a description

You may optionally write a description to remind yourself and your teammates about some details of the goal.

Step 3 - Define start date and end date

Step 4: (Optional) Select a Goal weight

Step 5 - Select a company goal to align with the goal

Step 6 - Set as "individual goal"






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