Cancel my free trial

You can cancel your free trial at any time during the 14 days trial. If you choose to cancel, you'll still have access to HR Hub (basic HR platform) - Standard plan (free forever)

With Standard plan (HR Hub) you can still:-

  • manage your employee data via (People) 
  • company announcement
  • check company calendar
  • manage employee's talent
  • customise employee profile reporting
  • access to Benefits
  • access to Swingvy support

Follow these steps to unsubscribe:

Step 1 - Go to Profile > Billing

Step 2 - Click "Select a plan"

Step 3 - Choose "Standard (Free forever)"

Step 4 - Remove "Payroll" and make sure the total invoice is RM0.00 (Malaysia) or $S0.00 (Singapore)

Step 5 - Click "Proceed"

Step 6 - Complete survey to help us improve our service and click "Submit"

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