Prorate leave entitlement for a new hired employee

All employees even on probation, and part-time employees are normally entitled to annual leave.


An employee leave entitlement given depends on how many years of service they have with your company.

If you have a new hire that is joining in the middle of the year and you practice to give leave proration, here is how you can set it up within Swingvy.

Example scenario: 

  • Leave cycle: Fiscal year basis
  • Start month of fiscal year: January 
  • Leave entitlement: 16 days
  • Leave proration formula 

Prorated leave entitlement = (the number of expected months of service in a year / 12 months) * the number of leave entitlement days provided by company)
New employee join date: May 1, 2020
Current date: May 15, 2020
Leave entitlement: 16
Prorate: May 2020 until Dec 2020
Employee leave balance: (8 months / 12 months) * 16 days entitlement = 10 days

Step 1 - Set leave type cycle basis

By default, Swingvy will select January as a general cycle basis:


Step 2 - Kindly ensure your leave entitlement setting is right, based on sample scenario, your employee is given 16 days Annual Leave entitlement

Leave > Settings > Annual > Entitlement group settings > ensure it's 16 days


Step 3 - Update leave entitlement balance according to the above formula

Employee leave balance: (8 months / 12 months) * 16 days entitlement = 10 days

Balance > Select new hired employee name > Select add or subtract > Enter the number of day > Put a remark for future reference


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