Edit leave types

There might be a lot of reasons why you need to edit or adjust your leave settings. For sure, the primary purpose is to have better leave setup for your employees.
Editing leave settings is a very simple process: 
Step 1 - Go to Leave
Step 2 - Click on Settings
Step 3 - Select a leave type
Step 4 - Look for the section to be edited
Step 5 - Click on Edit
Step 6 - Make the adjustment
Step 7 - Click on Save
All leave settings are editable to make it easier for you: 

1. General settings

There are 2 items that you can control in the general settings: 

2. Entitlement group settings

Make your leave settings customised and special by creating the entitlement group for your employees: 

  • Add new entitlement group
  • Edit entitlement group
  • Delete entitlement group

3. Advanced settings

There are 2 essential settings you need to look into the advanced settings: 

In case your company will no longer implement any of the leave settings that you have created, feel free to disable or delete the leave type at any time.

Swingvy tip: 
The disabled leave type can be turned on again in just a second. Learn more here.
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