Enable multi leave approval workflow

In Swingvy, the leave approval is auto set to multi-level by default. If your organisation requires only one approver, you may disable the multiple leave approval function.
Step 1 - Go to Leave
Step 2 - Click on Settings
Step 3 - Enable/disable 2 Levels of Approval
By default, every leave request will automatically be sent to the Reporting Manager for approval. When enabling the 2 levels of approval, the second approver field will be blank. Your employees will need to select the second approver. To manage employees' Reporting Manager, click here.

Swingvy tip: 
A leave application is concluded as Approved only if it goes through the entire workflow without being rejected at any stage. By enabling 2 levels of approval, all leave requests must be approved by both approvers before being displayed as Approved at the employees' end.
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