CPF contribution rate for Singapore permanent residence(SPR)

There are several CPF rates for Singapore permanent residence (SPR). In Swingvy there is a way to maintain the relevant rate for SPR employee 

To update the employee as a PR status 

Admin can set the PR status of the employee by following below steps

Step 1 - Click the employee name at the Payroll > People tab
Step 2 - Select the residence type as Singapore PR
Step 3 - Set the PR effective date
Step 4 - Click save

To maintain CPF rate for Singapore PR

There are 3 rates of CPF for Singapore PR, graduate employee&employer, graduate employee & full employer, Full employee & employer.

  1. G/G employee&employer 
    1. For first year employee 5% employer 4%
    2. For 2nd year employee 15% employer 9%
    3. 3rd year onwards Full rate applied to both employee and employer
  2. G employee / Full employer
    1.  1st year employee 5 % employer 17%
    2. 2nd year 15% employee 17% employer
    3. 3rd year onwards full rate applied to both employee and employer
  3. F/F employee&employer 

Swingvy will automatically detect the length of employee’s PR status based on the PR effective date during the payroll calculation.

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