How to pay CPF

In Swingvy the bank file for CPF has been computed and ready to be submitted to the CPF platform. Below is the step by step guide on how to pay CPF by e-Submission

Step 1 - Go to the CPF platform and login as an employer
Step 2 - Click on perform CPF e-submission
Step 3 - There will be 2 selection either Singapore corporate access (CorpPass) or Singapore personal access (SingPass) choose the login method
Step 4 - At the menu of Submit Contribution, select CPF e-submit@web (FTP)
Step 5 - On step 1 (file upload), click browse the file and select the file downloaded from Swingvy and click on continue
Step 6 - At step 2 (confirmation & payment), you can proceed payment either via direct debit or eNets. For Direct debit, please select the deduction date
Step 7 - Once you have made the payment, you completed the CPF e-submission. You may print a copy of the screens for your reference. 


You can also check the details guide on the CPF website for CPF e-submission

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