How to pay SOCSO and EIS

SOCSO is able to be paid via online banking, over the counter and through Perkeso assist portal. In Swingvy, the bank file generated is compatible with Perkeso assist portal. Admin can download the bank file in Swingvy and upload in the Perkeso assist directly. 

Below is the step to pay SOCSO through Perkesoassist

Step 1: Log in to Perkeso assist portal
mceclip0.pngStep 2: At the My Sites drop-down menu, click SOCSO - Contribution/EIS - Contribution
Step 3: At the Employer contribution, click Text File
Step 4: Upload the file downloaded from Swingvy
Step 5: A message will be shown should the file is successfully uploaded
Step 6: Click submit and the confirm to proceed with payment 

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