Upload bank file to Singapore OCBC

The bank file ready in Swingvy is following the standard of GIRO Payroll in Velocity@OCBC(https://velocity.ocbc.com). Admin may need the Password Mailer and Security token before login to Velocity@OCBC

Should all account is ready, you can download the bank file in Swingvy. To download the bank file, please key in the Value date and Batch number.  


Value date: The date of uploading the bank file onto velocity@ocbc 
Batch number: The reference number of the bank file 

Steps to upload OCBC bank file onto velocity@ocbc to proceed with salary payment 

Step 1: Login to velocity@ocbc(https://velocity.ocbc.com/login.html)
Step 2: On the top menu bar click transaction and then choose upload file
Step 3: Then select the file format GIROFASTWITHINV (please contact OCBC should the selection is unavailable. They will enable from their ends). Then click on choose file to browse for the file
Step 4: Choose the file to be upload and then click upload
Step 5: The file upload status will first show file in processing
Step 6: The file will be verified and proceed to submit after the upload is successful

Swingvy tip:
For those who have multi-level approval access, e.g. Maker & Approver for internet banking, GIRO Payroll will only be complete once all approvers have approved.

Please call OCBC hotline number should you encounter an error on their platform, +65 65381111
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