Upload bank file to Singapore UOB Infinity

UOB BIBPlus has been replaced by UOB Infinity on December 6, 2020. To login to UOB Infinity, please use your credential for UOB BIBplus to login to UOB Infinity. You can contact to UOB directly for account inquiry

To download the bank file, value date must be entered. The value date must:
1. Date of the business day(Monday-Friday exclude public holiday)
2. 1 day before the payroll is being processed (example: payroll is to be processed on Friday, the date of downloading the bank file and upload to UOB is on Thursday)
To upload the bank file, you can follow the below steps:
Step 1: Click on pay & transfer at the top menu and choose upload bulk file
Step 2: Click upload new bulk files button
Step 3: Choose the file to upload. The file is the downloaded bank file from Swingvy
Step 4: Click submit and proceed to upload the file
Step 5: To notify approver, please click on the 3 dots in the action tab. Click notify approver
For Payroll approver:
Step 6: If you are the approver, Click 'Approve' under the action tab
The payroll will be successfully sent to the bank once the approver approves the file
Swingvy tip:
Please call UOB hotline number should you encounter an error on their platform, +65 6259 8188
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