Request for hourly leave

You can request for an hourly leave should the company provide the hourly leave policy. There are companies that allow their employee to take a minimum of 30-minutes or 1-hour leave. You can use the hourly leave for a personal matter, clinic appointment, go to the bank and so on. 

The admin of the company will need to set the minimum time to request leave in the leave setting before you can apply hourly leave. This also depends on whether the company does provide hourly leave basis. From your end, you will see the leave balance in the form of XXdXXh. The indicator for "d" and "h" is for day and hour respectively.

In Swingvy, the steps to request for hourly leave is very simple. The hourly leave can only be applied for using the web version and is yet to be deployed in the mobile app. You can follow the step below on how to request for hourly leave. 

Step 1: Click on leave and request menu
Step 2: At the request leave, select the leave type
Step 3: Then, select the date to be apply
Step 4: Click on the hour button, select the start hour
Step 5: Select how many hours of the leave to be applied
Step 6: Key in reason if any
Step 7: Click request leave button


Swingvy tip:
The hourly leave will follow a normal 8 working hours day. Should you key in 4 hours of leave, it is considered as half-day.
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