Step 3 - Set up group view permission

In this step, you're about to define the type of login group and manage what they can see. 




Admin users can make can changes to users and their account.  They can also access the following sections of the product that are not available to employee users. Admin users usually have all view permission and it is not editable. 

  • Account setting details
  • Billing details
  • Reports
  • Swingvy Leave
  • Swingvy Payroll 
  • Swingvy Claims 
  • Benefits

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Employee users are usually employees of the account.  They can not make changes to the account or other users because they do no have access to the sections listed above. You can manage what they can see by choosing what you want them to see


Terms Meaning
No permission Information in this tab is only visible to people in the Admin group
My view only Information in this tab only visible when logged as an employee, but unable to edit
My view & edit Information in this tab only visible & editable to people who logged as an employee
All employee view only Information in this tab will be visible to all employee but they unable to edit
All employee view & edit Information in this tab visible and editable by all user




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