Increase contribution rate EPF of 11% for 2021

In 2021, the EPF rates is set as 9% for every employee. For employee age more tha 60 years old, the contribution rates remain the same. However, you can choose to increase the rate of contribution to 11% 

To increase the contribution rate, you will need to inform admin on the changes and admin will proceed accordingly to the KWSP

Below is the summary step on what you should do

Step 1 - Please inform admin on the increment of EPF rates you wished to make
Step 2 - Provide your details to admin
Step 3 - Admin of the company will gather all information from each employee
Step 4 - Admin will then process it to KWSP employer account on the update 


Swingvy tip:
If your contribution for 2020 is already 11%, please inform admin to maintain the rate of contribution as well. You will also need to provide the information to admin as in Swingvy, the EPF rates will be zeroised and set to 9%
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