AVIVA medical claim process

Aviva ClaimsConnect (Singapore)

What is Aviva ClaimsConnect?

Aviva ClaimConnect is designed exclusively for insured employees of Aviva’s corporate plans to locate their nearest panel clinic and submit their employee insurance claims conveniently, on the go.

How do I use Aviva ClaimConnect?

  1. Login to Aviva ClaimConnect web portal or install a mobile app (iOS app | Android app).
  2. Go to 'Claims' > 'Make a claim' to begin your claim submission. 
  3. Fill in the claim information and attach the required documents. 
  4. Submit your claim. No paperwork is required.

For more information, kindly refer Aviva ClaimConnect Help Centre 

Using Aviva ClaimConnect to make a claim

  • Aviva Claim Connect Mobile Apps
  • Aviva ClaimConnect WebPortal (www.aviva.com.sg/claimconnect)

Why should I use Aviva ClaimConnect?

1. Submit your claims on-the-go

Scan relevant documents using your mobile device’s camera function or upload them from your computer or phone’s photo gallery and submit your claims direct to Aviva. No unnecessary paperwork is required.


2. Stay updated with the status of your claims

Receive notifications instantly via the inbound messaging centre to stay updated on the status of your submitted claims. You can also view your and your dependents’ claims history easily.


3. View your coverage details at a glance

Not sure what your company coverage is or whether your dependants are covered? Now you can just log in to get details!


4. Locate the nearest panel clinic

Either as a list or by map view, you can quickly locate the nearest clinic that’s on your company’s panel.


5. Forgot your medical card? No worries.

The app comes with an e-version of your employee health benefits card that you can flash at the clinic counter.


6. Financial calculator tools

Financial calculator tool to help you estimate your financial commitment before the start of medical treatment or admission to the hospital.


7. View balance entitlement

View your balance entitlement limits and remaining balance amounts to help manage your claim expenses.


8. Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

Conveniently request for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) (availability subject to the plan coverage).


9. Unique user ID

Employees of any company with a group medical insurance plan with Aviva can enrol. As there is important registration information that your company has to furnish to Aviva before you can enrol, please approach your HR department to check your eligibility.

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