Frequently asked questions

1. When should I submit my claims?

We strongly advise you to submit your claim to Swingvy within 30 days following the date of your visit.

2. What are the types of claims that I can submit to Swingvy?

There are 3 types of claims that you can submit:
1) Outpatient claims incurred with a general practitioner/specialists, 
2) Hospitalisation/surgery claims  
3) Dental claims
However, the type of claims available is dependent on the policy coverage you have; and so you may not see all claim type options in the mobile app.

3. What are the documents that I would need to prepare before I can do my claim submission?

To prevent unnecessary delays during your claim process, please prepare all the necessary documents: 
  • Total bills which indicate the amounts incurred
  • Reason for treatment, nature of the surgery
  • Name of treating doctor
  • Medical bills and receipts
  • Any available referral letter, medical report

4. How do I submit my medical claims?

Kindly refer to this article to learn more about how to submit your medical claims.